Dr. Dane's Kitchen 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Dr. Danes Kitchen

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Kids are easy! It’s the adults that need sorting, and Dr.Dane’s got you covered! Find something for everyone in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:

1. The Whole Suite!

On the first day of holiday, your true love got you the entire suite of Authentic Vietnamese Nước Chấm Dipping Sauces from Dr. Dane’s Kitchen! This package contains all of our sweet, tangy and spicy flavors, including Traditional, Ginger, and Lemongrass along with their Vegan counterparts (with no fish sauce)! Simply add our Original Authentic Vietnamese Triple Dipper and our Authentic Vegan Vietnamese Triple Dipper to cart, and they will never need to worry about how to make nước chấm at home again.  

    2. Original Authentic Vietnamese Triple Dipper 

    Be the envy of the office when you interrupt Secret Santa with a beautifully wrapped Original Authentic Vietnamese Triple Dipper that features all the favorites: Traditional, Ginger, and Lemongrass. Up the ante with a #FoodIsLove kitchen apron from Dr. Dane’s Kitchen, and you’ll have your coworkers working hard for that open bestie position! 

    3. The Authentic Vegan Vietnamese Triple Dipper

    Treat your Vegan friends to a whole new world of flavor and spice with the Vegan Authentic Vietnamese Triple Dipper from Dr. Dane’s Kitchen. This pretty package contains all of our signature flavors (Traditional, Ginger, and Lemongrass). Replacing the typical fish sauce is Dr. Dane’s incredibly flavor-rich base of pineapple and shiitake mushroom - enough to send anyone’s taste buds a-buzzing! 

    4. The Dr. Dane's Kitchen Gift Card

    Perhaps you need something quick, or not sure of what to buy? We understand and suggest the fun and flexible Dr. Dane’s Kitchen Gift Card.  This gift works 2 ways: 1) They’ll get to know your tastemaker side and 2) they’ll have the full freedom to select anything they like from the shop! Assignment complete!

    5. #FoodIsLove: Treat Yourself, And Someone Else Too! 

    Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself while shopping for everyone else! In addition to our amazing sauces, there is our #FoodIsLove kitchen collection including kitchen aprons, coffee tumblers, warm long sleeve tees, and even reusable shopping tote bags made out of durable canvas! Pick out something really nice for yourself, and know that with every purchase, 25% goes back to Kids 4 Smiles, a charity committed to delivering smiles and much-needed resources to those less fortunate. 

    There you have it! The happiest holiday shopping list! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a note here at the South Pole at hello@drdaneskitchen.com!  Get it? South Pole? Vietnam? In the South?