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Flavor Over Everything.

We are proud to present a NEW all-natural line of Authentic Vietnamese Lemongrass Chili Sauces that dare to cross all culinary boundaries, delivering a spicy, zesty, savory kick to dishes all over the world.

✓ No Preservatives ✓ No Artificial Flavors ✓ Gluten Free ✓ No GMOs

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More to Love: Nước Chấm!

Dr. Dane's Kitchen nước chấm (pronounced nook-chum) simply bursts with umami flavor. It's tangy from fresh lime juice and is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of pure sugarcane and mellow garlic.

Discover more styles of our Vietnamese and Vegan dipping sauces in three lip-smacking flavors: Traditional, Ginger, and Lemongrass.

✓ No Preservatives ✓ No Artificial Flavors ✓ Gluten Free ✓ No GMOs


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A Genuine Taste of Huế, Vietnam.

Premium Ingredients

Every batch of Dr. Dane's Authentic Vietnamese Dipping Sauce is made with ingredients found at your local farmer’s market. Dr. Dane personally guides this process, from procuring all-natural, preservative-free ingredients, to wrapping each bottle to be delivered to your door.

Made in Texas, USA

All batches of Dr. Dane’s Authentic Vietnamese Dipping Sauces and condiments are created locally at a state of the art commercial kitchen in Dallas, Texas.

Created with Passion

Our small team of passionate staff at Dr. Dane's Kitchen are focused on every detail to ensure a premium tasting experience that is consistent and reflective of Huế tradition.

How We Give Back

Every child can be an agent of change if given the opportunity. A portion of our profits directly benefit the Kids 4 Smiles organization and their work to improve communities, schools and the environment.

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