About Us

Meet Dr. Dane Hoang! 

Dr. Dane Hoang, founder of Dr. Dane's Kitchen

I’m Dr. Dane Hoang, founder of Dr. Dane’s Kitchen here in Dallas, Texas!

We provide all-natural Vietnamese and Vegan condiments that cross all culinary boundaries, delivering a savory, spicy kick to dishes all over the world.

All sauces are highly versatile and can be enjoyed right out of the jar - dip or drizzle over your favorite foods and desserts, and follow our recipes to up the ante of your meals and more! 

I was born in Qui Nhơn,Việt Nam and raised in America by immigrant parents who left their war-torn country in search of a better life for their children.

As a first-generation immigrant, one of my fondest memories of childhood was learning how to cook authentic and traditional Vietnamese food in my mom's kitchen. These precious moments inspired a life-long love for cooking, hosting, and entertaining. There was always a deep desire to build bridges between people through acts of kindness and promoting our shared love of food - and for me, this all starts in the kitchen.

Through Dr. Dane’s Kitchen products, my daughter Isabella and I hope to share that same happiness with the world! Bon Appétit!

Why An Octopus?

The Octopus featured here was inspired by a very dear friend in the entertainment industry who, after hearing our idea to launch authentic Vietnamese dipping sauces, excitedly suggested, “Maybe an octopus graphic?? You do a lot of things. A lot of arms, but whatever you do make a difference.” 

Indeed, Dr. Dane’s Kitchen is just one of the many "arms" that my daughter Isabella and I “juggle” on a daily basis! When I am not busy in the kitchen, I am happily taking care of the smiles of our patients at our Children’s Dental Care offices in Richardson and Dallas, Texas. We are passionate supporters of Operation Smile, a global medical organization and charity that provides free dental services and surgeries to children and young adults born with cleft conditions. 

In addition to this work, we love serving our global community through volunteering and supporting children's charities, including The Children’s Trust and Le Hoang Foundation, which benefit Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and orphanages in Southeast Asia, respectively.

As one good deed inspires another, Isabella and I recently launched Kids 4 Smiles, a charitable hub for children and young adults that provides the tools and training needed to become servant leaders through volunteerism. Every child can be an agent of change if given the opportunity! 

We feel happy and blessed to have our hands full in this way.

 “My mentor, Dr. Bill Magee, co-founder of Operation Smile, showed me firsthand how the strongest bonds of friendship are forged in the service of others. As a mom, it's one of the best lessons I can instill in our future leaders.”


"Eight Lucky Arms"

 With an Octopus already having eight “lucky” arms (as this is a very good number in Asian culture), we both agreed it would be an honorable and tireless new champion of our brand. The Dr. Dane’s Kitchen Octopus has since undergone 2 design iterations, with the final being what you see today, hand-sketched and illustrated by Dr. Carolyn Quan, the talented artist and physician. 

Fun fact: Our lucky octopus is carrying another symbol of health and good fortune, a money tree!