How To Prepare A Dungeness Crab

Some may find this process intimidating, but have no fear! Dr. Dane shows us how to properly prepare and cut Dungeness crab for those savory dishes you desire! All you’ll need is a whole crab (of course), a pair of cutting shears (a kitchen essential), and a large sharp knife.  


  • 1 Whole Dungeness Crab
  • 1 Sharp Chef's Knife
  • 1 Pair of Cutting Shears


  • Wash your crab thoroughly, then pat dry
  • Remove top of crab shell, then pour liquid into separate bowl. 
  • Remove front of crab (you may need scissors)! 
  • Cut crab in half using shears or scissors
  • Continue to cut crab halves into smaller segments (as instructed in video - you can go by each leg/ claw joint) 

Very important to save the liquid from the crab to flavor your sauce or broth - makes it all the more tasty! 

Feel free to further chop, cut, divide your parts as needed!

Bón Appetit! 

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