Stir Fry Garlic Pork

Make the perfect stir-fry garlic pork in 30 minutes! 

This recipe yields 4 servings

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Vegetable Prep:

  • Chop 1 White Onion


  • Add 2 TBS Vegetable Oil to a preheated wok or flying pan
  • Sear pork until browned (4-6 minutes) 
  • Add black pepper, fish sauce, and condensed coconut
  • Toss in garlic
  • Cover and simmer for 2-4 minutes, until caramelized
  • Add onions, stir and toss 
  • Add Dr. Dane’s Kitchen Vietnamese Lemongrass Chili Sauce
  • Continue to stir and toss, then cover with lid for 1 minute
  • Serve with white rice, your favorite veggies, and lots of love!

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